5 Characteristics Shared by the Best Affiliate Programs

5 Characteristics Shared by the Best Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are plans developed by website owners to properly compensate deserving affiliates. They are considered one of the best Internet marketing strategies because of its cost-efficient and easily set up structure. The best affiliate programs may vary in the products or services they’re selling, the rates they’re paying and the benefits they’re offering but trust them to share the following key success factors:


A contract will have to be signed before an affiliate and a merchant website can reach an agreement. The best affiliate programs offer contracts to affiliates that will protect their mutual interests. This is very important for affiliates especially because there are many who offer completely one-sided contracts to their affiliates.

The contract offered must state all terms and conditions for both parties clearly and concisely. Among other things, the contract must include details regarding payment structure, dates, rates, and dos and don’ts that both parties must observe.


The main responsibility of an affiliate is advertising a website’s products or services in the best way possible. And the main responsibility of a merchant website to his affiliates is giving them the best selection of advertising methods. Some affiliates may feel better with text ads, others may prefer sending email newsletters, a few may like hosting visually attractive banners – whatever kind of advertisement that’s possible to use nowadays, it’s up to the merchant website to create and offer them to his affiliates.


Internet companies are notorious for taking an annoyingly slow time to pay off their dues. Even Google is no exception as many people still complain about how slow it takes for the company to release their hard-earned checks. But there are a few decent companies that still exist in the web, and these include the best affiliate programs.

The best affiliate programs are those paying their affiliates on time. They never use any excuse, exception, or explanation to change this rule. If your contract states that you’re to receive your check every 30th of the month then you’ll receive it whenever that day of the month comes without fail.

Secondly, the best affiliate programs always offer their affiliates a number of payment methods to choose from. Some might prefer to get paid by PayPal while others might prefer to have their checks instantly directed to their bank accounts. Either way, the merchant leaves it to the affiliate to decide which payment method he’ll use.

Thirdly, if an affiliate has signed up to sell or advertise about several products, all the proceeds from his efforts will be combined into one check for the affiliate’s convenience. This, however, will be usually accompanied with a detailed summary of his earnings.


Although they may seem like it, affiliates are not employees of a merchant website, and treating them that way could be one of their biggest mistakes. At best, think of your affiliates as customers as well. Like customers, they also need excellent service and support from you.

Affiliates do not have the privilege of working directly with a merchant website so there will be times that they’ll have inquiries and concerns about their jobs. It is a merchant’s website to provide support and service during these instances. The best affiliate programs are those willing to extend a helping hand to their affiliates because they know that helping their affiliates also means helping themselves in the end.


Lastly, the best affiliate programs never forget to grow. They never make the mistake of depending on their affiliates to provide their main source of income. They understand that although they can earn a lot from affiliates, what they’re earning will not be enough. It will not be enough either if their company isn’t growing.

Company growth can be reflected in the development of new products and services or innovations. These are integral for both the success of affiliates and merchant websites. These allow them to build longer and more stable relationships as well as greater profit margins.

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