Choose the Best Affiliate Programs to Generate Maximum Profits

Choose the Best Affiliate Programs to Generate Maximum Profits

You may disagree with me, but hear me out: a lot of people have varying opinions on the criteria for selecting the best affiliate programs, so what you’re about to read is my personal opinion after having promoted dozens of kinds of affiliate programs.

I am what they call a “super affiliate,” which is a term that I take simply to mean someone who earns a substantial income, full time, as an affiliate marketer.

Some super affiliates will tell you that promoting offers where you get paid per leads is the way to go. Some recommend promoting high ticket items where you can make hundreds per sale.

Others say spread yourself across numerous niches and numerous affiliate programs.

I disagree with these assessments. Look, I’m not saying people who advocate the above can’t make a lot of money. I’m sure some do.

But I just think it’s a lot harder than doing what I advocate. And I believe that most people that advocate the above do not in fact make significant amounts of money online.

So what do I advocate?

In my view of things, the best affiliate programs are the ones that pay lifetime commissions.

Assets vs One Time Sales

What lifetime income simply means is you get paid each and every time the customer comes back to order from the company, forever.

As far as I’m concerned, this changes affiliate marketing from being a commissioned sales person to your building a real asset.

I know this is true because for one company I promote, I literally have thousands of customers built up and hundreds of them order each and every month with no further effort on my part. I get paid over and over for work I’ve done years ago generating me substantial affiliate commissions for 7 years running now.

Moreover, in the contract I have with this company, I am actually allowed to sell the asset I’ve created. Meaning I can find someone else who would like to purchase me out of my position and step into my shoes.

How many affiliate programs can you do that with? Hardly any!

Which proves my point that when you are building lifetime income, you are building an asset; you’re not just making sales.

It’s not like I don’t have experience with lead generation programs or one time pay programs or programs that pay you a very high amount per sale (exercise equipment is one great example I was personally involved in).

But the income never really snowballed over time. It was always just nice one time sales, not unlike how a car salesman might make a nice chunk of change if you walk in and buy a car from him that day.

After the sale is over, he’s got to make another and another to get the same commissions. And that’s not always so easy.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Another “myth” I see is those people who advocate promoting many affiliate programs at once. Their logic is that you are hedged with so many different sources of income. That’s true in part.

But I subscribe to Warren Buffett’s philosophy: “put all of your eggs into one basket and watch the basket carefully.”

I’m not saying just have one source of affiliate commissions by any means. But I am saying be very careful and select and build up with a few really financially strong companies. Don’t spread yourself across 15 or 20 different industries.

I do not believe that most people who pick the latter strategy make much money. Some may, but most do not.

Taken all into consideration, choosing a select few lifetime income programs is my preferred strategy to take if you want to rake in significant affiliate commissions over time.

Dan Ho is the founder of [], a nearly turn-key training system that applies article marketing to carefully selected lifetime income programs to create significant passive income.

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